developing entrepreneurial competencies among vocational high school students

Project background

The entrepreneurial potential of the the Slovak-Hungarian border region is far from being explored. There are numerous start-up initiatives, mainly centered in the capital cities and university towns, concentrating mainly on university students and young professionals. Meanwhile, young people with lesser education (fewer finished classes) living in the countryside are left with few possibilities to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship and/or to join the growing start-up ecosystem.

The past experiences of the organizations partnering up in the frame of the present project show that young people attending vocational schools possess a considerable innovation potential that can be revealed through adequate educational projects concentrating on practical competences. 


Our goal

Our goal is to organize a virtual international start-up competition for vocational school students, based on a special blended learning course led by skilled mentors and an interactive digital platform that allows students to reflect on each other’s work. 




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